Great news for DOTA 2 players

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A new update has arrived yesterday with the new International 2016 Battle Pass, which means that winter season is closed and you must forget about it. The new Battle Pass costs 9.99 dollars which is a bit more than the previous one, which was 7.99, but it’s not a big difference and 25% of all sales will go to The International 2016 prize pool. This is more than great, because all the players can benefit from all the treasures that the new Battle Pass have to offer and the best players in the world will fight for quite some prizes - gain top access.

The bigger the prize pool is at every DOTA 2 International Championship is, the more popularity will gain and all the players can enjoy new surprises very often. It’s quite important to buy these Battle Passes or sets for your heroes if you want to continue playing this game, because without funds, very probably Valve will stop improving the game and even close it sooner or later, but for now it’s not a problem, because there are plenty of players that invest time and money in the game, which is ideal for the game to carry on.

As far as I read, this International 2016 Battle pass will be a bit different, because you have the possibility to go through a Peak MMR Challenge which I believe that will boost your MMR, to play at the next level with people that have great skills.

 There will be Predictions to the Manila Major and I don’t really know yet if the old victory predictions will remain available, but when I will be sure about this I will come back and tell you about it - see new information.

All the players that will buy the new Battle Pass, will have a new series of challenges which will increase their Battle level and also lots of quest which will make every game more interactive. Just like the old quest when you were supposed to kill your opponents chicken.

 I am sure that all the players that was going through this quest played a few games in a row only to kill the chicken and also invested a lot of time in hunting it.

Enjoy your games, commend other players and buy the new Battle Pass for a greater DOTA 2 experience - sign up for details